Rocket Motor Spreadsheet


Computer Aided Motor Ballistics Prediction

Personal computers are a useful tool in the design of rocket motors. When propellant data is known, it is possible to construct software that emulates an actual burn with reasonable accuracy. The book "Designing Rocket Motors" describes this method of propellant characterization as well as methods of constructing subroutines that can be incorporated into computer models.


While it is certainly advantageous to have computer programming skills, it is not absolutely necessary. In many cases a simple spreadsheet will suffice. The coding involved in the construction of spreadsheets is easy. Most computer users can easily construct a useful spreadsheet given an understanding of the subroutines to be utilized.

Sample Spreadsheet

I have constructed a simple ballistics spreadsheet for download. This spreadsheet is for core burning grains. This sample sheet allows the user to input data for ballistics prediction. Download it now! Example Spreadsheet



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