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Articles and Software

Yagi and Cubical Quad Optimizers
A software design tool using NEC2++
for Yagis and Cubical Quads

Heil HC5 and ICOM Radios
Why do Heil "key elements" sound so bad
with ICOM? An explanation and how to fix it.


PSPICE Triode Calculator
A software tool for the creation
of triode SPICE models

Ground Parameter Measurement
A method of determining ground parameters
at radio frequencies.

Ground Parameter Software
A software tool for determining ground parameters
at radio frequencies.



Links to Other Sites

4NEC2 Homepage
Excellent NEC2/4  software from Arie Voors!
Arie keeps updating and improving this software. The interface allows the use of variables in NEC files. This is a very convenient! The 3D output is also very impressive.

Norman Koren's Vacuum Tube Audio Page
Fabulous!  Pspice articles and more!

Chemroc Home Page
This is my Amateur rocketry site. Check it out.

James E. Lanier

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